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Firstname Lastname School/Organization Breakout Schedule
Madeleine Dean Hutt Valley High School
Christelle Deba Hutt Valley High School
Drew Delany Aotea College
Melissa Denzler Wellington Girls' College
rob des tombe St Patrick’s College
Robyn Deverall Hutt Valley High School
Lynda Devereux St Patrick’s College
Angus Devine Hutt Valley High School
Jess Dewhurst Aotea College
Joanna Divett Wellington East Girls' College
Claire Dixon Wellington East Girls' College
Stephanie Dodd St Patrick’s College
Gus Donaldson Tawa College
Laressa Donaldson Wellington East Girls' College
Alysha Dougherty St Patrick’s College
Nicola Dow Wellington High School
Jason Doyle Tawa College
Shayna Doyle St Patrick’s College
Beth Draper Aotea College
Karen Dravitzki Aotea College
Frances Dreaver Wellington East Girls' College
Prue Dreaver Stimpson Wellington Girls' College
Elianna Drummond Aotea College
Brad Dry Wellington College
Jack Du Paraparaumu College
Alistair du Chatenier Thorndon Primary
Samantha Dudek Tawa College
Michelle Duffy St Patrick’s College
Tamara Duncan Wellington East Girls' College
Ross Durant Wellington College
Paul Dyer Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu
Melanie Eade Wellington Girls' College
Claudine Earley Wellington Girls' College
Kim Earney Wellington East Girls' College
Kath Eastham Tawa College
Jen Eccles Wellington High School
James Edgecombe Paraparaumu College
Mark Edgecombe Tawa College
Richard Edwards Hutt Valley High School
Rhys Egan Tawa College
Carly Elder Wellington High School
Cathy Elder Wellington Girls' College
Esmee Elias-Tito Hutt Valley High School
Esmee Elias-Tito Hutt Valley High School
David Elkin Wellington East Girls' College
Wayne Elley Aotea College
Andrew Ellis I am not at one of these schools
Martine Ellis Paraparaumu College
FIona Esau-Clarkson I am not at one of these schools
RA Everett Wellington College