Learning with GATE students - potential, possibilities and problems

Gifted, Accelerated, Talented and Extension Students are a focus for education events and enrichment here at Wellington High School and most other schools and colleges in Aotearoa New Zealand and worldwide. This workshop will discuss with teachers and education researchers and providers how we can better identify assist and extend these students, our teachers and our school communities. All teachers with GATE students are the target audience for this session and no prior knowledge experience or skills in this area is required. It is a discussion with examples from practice here at High and beyond in your classrooms and schools

Breakout Slot: 
Breakout 1: 10.25 - 11.25am
Presenter Name: 
Tony Cairns
Lead Presenter Email: 
Wellington High School
Curriculum Area: 
Integrated Curriculum
School Level: 
Both primary and secondary
Presentation Type: 
Collaborative Session