Digital Citizenship - for lifelong learning in the 21st Century

The focus will be equipping Junior students with core knowledge and skills to be a confident and responsible Digital Citizen (supporting all curriculum areas). Topics that will be covered for Lesson/Unit Planning:
1. Ups and Downs of Digital Life
2. Rights and Responsibilities
3. Searching
4. Scams
5. Digital Footprint
6. Copyright
Like literacy and numeracy initiatives which provide people with the skills to participate in the work force, digital literacy has become an essential skill to be a confident, connected, and actively involved life long learner in the 21st Century.
No prior knowledge required, bring laptops to access shared resources.

Breakout Slot: 
Breakout 3: 1.25 - 2.25pm
Presenter Name: 
David Foulds
Lead Presenter Email: 
Tawa College
Curriculum Area: 
Digital Technology
Digital Pedagogy
Digital Citizenship
School Level: 
Both primary and secondary
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