Being an Upstander - Holocaust Education in NZ Schools

This session is focused on challenging prejudice and discrimination while promoting the 'Upstander' message. Following Yad Vashem's teaching philosophy of safety in and safely out, we will be using the narrative of the Holocaust to address the bystander effect. How we can use the Holocaust to encourage resilience and resistance in the face of adversary?
This session will use specific case studies from the Holocaust which demonstrate resilience and cultural resistance. We hope to provide teachers with some tools they can use in the classroom to support Holocaust education and promote the 'Upstander' message. Prior knowledge of the Holocaust is useful.

Breakout Slot: 
Breakout 1: 10.25 - 11.25am
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Libby Proctor, Chris Harris
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Tawa College
Curriculum Area: 
Integrated Curriculum
Social Sciences
School Level: 
Both primary and secondary
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Status: Full
Holocaust Centre of New Zealand