Reading Engagement: A Programme to Build Student Reading

Working to bust the myth that a drop in reading at Year 9 is inevitable, this presentation outlines a junior reading programme that builds on the work of primary schools, and provides a scaffold for senior assessment. It will briefly cover the aims and philosophy of the programme, before moving on to the practicalities of how it can be implemented and run. The programme is ideally a collaborative effort between the library and English department, so coming as a team with a representative of both areas is encouraged. It is an inherently flexible programme, however, so can also be adapted to single classroom use. Having witnessed a 320% increase in issues from the library and similarly increased student engagement with reading, early evidence suggests that this programme delivers on supporting the curriculum and encouraging a life-long love of reading.

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Breakout 2: 11.30 - 12.30pm
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Ellie Nicholson
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St Patrick's College
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