Teaching Black Panther - colonisation and minority representation

Marvel's Black Panther was a colossal success - grossing over 1 billion at the global box office (with nearly 5 million of that coming from New Zealand). It was also a critical hit with a 97% percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Yet, according to many, it is still a "comic book film" with little academic value. Wrong.
This seminar is about the different topics I have been attempting to unpack with my senior English students as we study the film "Black Panther." I am "trying" to use the film to tackle themes such as colonisation, minority representation and self determination. The film - even though set in African and US - raises some interesting questions about New Zealand's colonial history - in particular, the idea of what NZ would look like if it was never colonised.
This session is primarily English focused but could be of interest to other departments due to the cross curricular nature of some of the ideas. No prior knowledge is required but you may want to watch Black Panther in advance. It's very good!

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Breakout 3: 1.25 - 2.25pm
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Derek Wood
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St Patrick's College
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Cultural Responsiveness
Integrated Curriculum
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Status: Full