Using the Scrum framework for agile projects

This session will be presented in the context of Digital Technologies, but is open to anyone who is interested. If you're exploring the new Digital Technologies achievement standards, or you're looking for a framework to run group or individual projects that encourage and enhance student agency, Scrum may be for you. I'll show some practical ways to implement Scrum from the start of the project to the end, including t-shirt sizing to figure out how big different tasks are, user stories to to encourage better design by starting from a user's perspective, using kanban boards to manage sprints, and the importance of retrospectives (reflecting regularly on *how* you work and always looking to improve). In each of these you'll see how students drive development of their outcome. Finally - in the context of DT I'll look at how all of this relates the new iterative/advanced/complex process Achievement Standards.

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Breakout 3: 1.25 - 2.25pm
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Tim Harford
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Wellington Girls' College
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Digital Technology
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Hands on Workshop