Tools to tailor powerful assessment and feedback

In this session, we will re-visit the key ideas that underpin powerful assessment for learning. This will be followed by a dive into three ways you can use technology to adapt and tailor assessment to focus on student need. We'll explore Plickers, GoFormative and using advanced options in Google Sheets - and talk together about how these free tools can work in your context. This will be useful for anyone who wants to move beyond quizzes to more tailored assessment and feedback. Whether you are just starting or tech-savvy, this hands-on session will provide food for thought, examples to take away and time to connect with others around assessment for learning.

Breakout Slot: 
Breakout 3: 1.25 - 2.25pm
Presenter Name: 
Nicola Dow
Lead Presenter Email: 
Wellington High School
Curriculum Area: 
Digital Pedagogy
School Level: 
Both primary and secondary
Presentation Type: 
Hands on Workshop