Special Assessment Conditions - Part A: Alternative evidence applications for SAC

I will cover the need to provide for Special Assessment Conditions and the process that our school uses to identify, assess and apply for and implement the process of providing students to have Special Assessment Conditions. I will focus on using Lucid Ability and Lucid Exact Assessments and collecting writing and typing samples. I will talk about processes we use to maximise communication and minimise the workload for staff and SAC coordinator. Last year we had 122 students approved SAC, most with alternative evidence applications. Happy to share other schools' experiences. [Note: This session is the first part of a two part session. If you register for this session, please also register for the second session (Part B) in Breakout #2.]

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Breakout 1: 10.25 - 11.25am
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Robyn Deverall
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Hutt Valley High School
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Learner Support
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Collaborative Session