SNA: a rising trend in NCEA External Assessment

This workshop will largely be a guided discussion session based around the trend of the increasing number of SNA results on external assessments. Is this something to be concerned about? Why is it happening? How does it compare from school to school? etc. The discussion will begin with a short presentation from Evan Sutherland from Hutt Valley High School who has collected data on this from a Science perspective, but the workshop is for all curriculum areas. Teachers who are planning to attend this workshop are encouraged to bring along their schools external SNA data that can be extracted from the NCEA website so that comparisons can be made as part of the discussion.

Breakout Slot: 
Breakout 2: 11.30 - 12.30pm
Presenter Name: 
Evan Sutherland
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Hutt Valley High School
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Presentation Type: 
Collaborative Session