The Mana Gym - Part B: Get them Gains

We will be looking at how just doing our job does not get our Māori students engaged, what can we do to improve this, what we have done in Te Reo Māori department at WHS and in the wider school, and what we think we are still struggling with. This session will be useful for teachers who have a large number of Māori students who feel they aren't respected by them, teachers who have great success at getting Māori students engaged, and teachers who want to learn more about mana. A growth mindset is needed! [Note: This session is the second part of a two part session. If you register for this session, please also register for the first session (Part A) in Breakout #1.]

Breakout Slot: 
Breakout 2: 11.30 - 12.30pm
Presenter Name: 
Whakamarurangi Chadwick, Anna Reeve
Lead Presenter Email: 
Wellington High School
Curriculum Area: 
Cultural Responsiveness
Integrated Curriculum
School Level: 
Both primary and secondary
Presentation Type: 
Forum / Panel discussion
Collaborative Session