Māori Graduate Profile & Puwaha Initiatives

Stemming from the Graduate Profile at Kia Aroha College in Auckland developed by Ann Milne, Hutt Valley High School has developed their own Māori Graduate Profile based on the concept of four key pou: Te Ao Māori, Manutaki/Leadership, /Personal Growth, and /Academic Growth. This Graduate profile has been developed with the intention to engage Māori students further with not just their culture but school life, and the ability to track their success.
Additionally, Hutt Valley High School has a Puwaha Committee who oversee everything Māori within the school - from cultural events to student support.
If you are interested in like minded initiatives within your school, come along to see how this is being implemented in a school of 1,700 students - 20% of which are Māori - and discuss how such things could be implemented in more schools across the Wellington Region.

Breakout Slot: 
Breakout 2: 11.30 - 12.30pm
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Olivia Copeman, Denise Johnson
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Hutt Valley High School
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Cultural Responsiveness
Learner Support
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Collaborative Session