Beyond Culturally Responsive: Critical, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy and Leadership – 1

For almost two decades now, we have been talking about culturally responsive and culturally relevant pedagogy. So how is all that working for our Māori learners and why haven’t we made much of a difference? What’s wrong with “relevant” and “responsive” and why don’t these go far enough?
This workshop will discuss Critical, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy as an approach that demands more. Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy raises fundamental questions about the purpose of schooling in changing societies. It decentres Whiteness, takes the critique away from the children, and on to the systems that have failed them. CSP proposes that schooling should be a site for sustaining the cultural practices of communities of colour, rather than eradicating them. CSP does not believe that we should work purely to close an achievement gap and refuses to compare the ‘success’ of students based on their cultural background.
What would that look like in your school?

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Breakout 1: 10.35 - 11.35am
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Ann Milne
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I am not from one of these schools
Curriculum Area: 
Cultural Responsiveness
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Both primary and secondary
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